As a California native, I enjoy playing recreationally in the great outdoors. When I’m not putting time in the studio, I enjoy swimming, surfing, hiking and running.

As a painter, graphic designer and photographer,  I have a passion for work and love for creative expression. 

A combination of 2D and 3D rendering, my art carries the Southern California influence of vivid colors and a fusion of pop art surreal-realism. Having grown up near Los Angeles, the whimsical, anything-goes mentality has definitely impacted my painting. While my artwork doesn’t necessarily focus on any one specific topic, familiar motifs and themes work their way inside, particularly, my feminist worldview and religious upbringing.

My work is fairly whimsical and plays off of emotions, bright tones and different scenes. These can range from portraits, to fantastical tableaus and watercolor landscapes- all reflective of that feel-good California spirit I grew up with.

Kinesthetically driven, you can  find me speckled in paint, barefoot and happy to be working on a new project.   

Please contact me at:

Cell: 805.832.0985